OTA : A Guide to OTA [Online Travel Agency] to Book Flights Online

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Do you remember your first travel adventure? How was it? can you remember the joy of it? Well, when there was no internet, people would call travel agents, then Get ideas about where to go. Then book the tickets. But today, times are different. We have now the internet. We can search for flights online, book a hotel online. Do you know if you book via American Airlines or United airlines on the phone, you may have to pay $25 extra? But when you are booking online, you do not have to pay for it. But what is the best way to book online for finding Cheap Flights? We will explain it here. After reading this, you won’t have to read it about any more. It is a way of know about OTAs. Now, let’s get started.

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What is OTA (Online Travel Agency)?

An OTA( Online Travel Agency) is a third party website that allows users to search for flights, hotels, Cruise, and rent a car and book then as well. The OTA is working with the service provided, but since you have booked via OTA, in any situation, you will contact The OTA.

Which are the Main Popular OTAs?

Everywhere in Business, there are always some key players who dominate the market. They provide cheap flights as well as expensive flights, depending on the need of the customer. Priceline and Expedia are the two major players in this regard. The Expedia Owns more than 70% of market share. It is various subsidiaries such as Trivago, Cheap Tickets, Hotels.com, Travelocity, HomeAway, Hotwire, Orbitz and Expedia.com.

Then there is Priceline, which is a significant competitor to Expedia. The Company has Kayak (One of the best websites to look for Cheap Flights), Priceline.com, Momondo, Cheapflights and Booking.com.

Other than these two, some more popular OTAs provide similar services to users such as Kiwi.com and Hopper.

Does Booking Via OTAs is Expensive

Well, not exactly. The price you see on an airline’s website is usually more or less than on an OTA. The OTA does charge from airlines, which is directly loaded from the passengers. But why you should book via OTA. Well, the sole reason is, last-minute booking could save you a lot of money when you do it via OTA. This is another way of finding cheap flight tickets. It happens because a large of OTAs get in agreement with the airlines to provide more competitive prices at last minute booking.

Does OTAs Show Every Airlines prices

No, Generally, OTAs avoid the low flight prices airlines. The perfect example of this is Allegiant Flights and Southwest Airlines. If you are living in Europe, you won’t See Ryanair on any OTAs. It entirely depends upon the airlines whether they want to get booked via OTAs wiki or not. Some time ago, United Airlines stopped showing prices on Expedia but came back. The argument is simple. The airlines want a direct relationship with the passenger middle man.

Is Booking Via OTA being a safe Option

Now, comes the question, if you are looking for cheap flights via OTAs. Is it safe? Well, if you are booking via Priceline and Expedia, it is pretty safe. Then there are other independent players like OneTravel, CheapOAir, Justfly, and Smart fare are some of the players. On these websites, there are a lot of ads. It helps these OTAs to create a source of Revenue.

Now, booking via them is a safe option. But passengers should be aware of hidden charges. For example, let’s say you are searching for tickets on an airline, where choose a seat won’t cost you any penny. But if you go an OTAs, book tickets, then go for a Seat Selection, then may charge you dollars for it. So, if you see something like it, avoid it or check first with the airline’s website. So, booking via OTAs is a safe option. But beware about any extra charge which might come your way.

Using them On Smartphone

No matter which website you use, there is an app for it, whether you are using it on android or Apple iPhone. The things are these websites help you in finding cheap flight tickets. But to get started with for looking flight prices, start with Google Flights. The reason is simple. You will know what the range of the price is and what you can expect on the other OTAs. However, there is no app for Google Flights. The point is Finding cheap Flights to New York deals is still accessible on a desktop.


So, this is our blog on A guide to Finding Cheap Flights with Booking travel Online. We are sure it will help you to understand How OTAs work and how you can benefit from them. It is a way of know about OTAs So when you want to book a ticket next time, You will know what to do.

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