The New Year is here and we are guiding very cheap international destination for planning your vacations , as a traveler, you are probably wondering where to go. Especially when you are looking for any destination all over the world.  So, where you should go, this is the question you need to ask yourself. But we can help you in this endeavor. We are going to tell you about some of the best places. We will mention countries and sometime a place. You can easily find easily Cheap Flights to these locations. Now, let’s see what those places are.

Cheap International Destination

Vietnam Cheap International Destinations

We will begin with the Southeast Asian country Vietnam. The one-way ticket from NYC to Vietnam could cost you from between $450 to $800.  If you think the flight prices are higher, then you can level it by staying at hostels which are really cheap. You would find them around $10 two $20 for one night. The means are easily affordable and tasty no matter where you eat.

Vienna in Austria

There are many reasons to go to the imperial city. However, we wanted to mention it because of its Christmas celebrations. Don’t get surprised if you think you have traveled back in time. The roman ruins, The Hapsburg empire palace, and the medieval church will surely get your attention.  However these all places are perfect, but for Christmas, you must go to Spielberg.  There are other holidaymakers here, but as we said, Spittle-bug is the best.  Christmas shopping is a way of having fun. The Decorations, Wine, and Roasted Chestnuts will keep you busy throughout your shopping.  From NYC to Vienna, Cheap flight prices could be $540 to $800 for a round trip.

Tulum Archaeological Site in Mexico

One of the oldest temples in New Mexico drawing visitors from all over the country. However, it is not as big as the Mayans ruins, but it does not mean it’s not stunning. Located on the verge of Caribbean Sea, you will have a beautiful view as well if you go in the morning or evening.  Nearby there is a market when you can eat, do the shopping and witness the culture. There are two ways of going there; one is by walking, which will take around 10 to 15 minutes and the other is by train. The choice is yours. However, when you visit it, make sure to hire a guide to understand the context of the place in ancient times fully. For between Flights to New York and Mexico, it would cost around $300 to $500 for a round trip.

Tulum Archaeological Site in Maxico

Antigua in Guatemala Cheap International Destinations

A not so popular option in South America, but one of the best countries to check out. Nature, the weather is good all year round. If you are tired from summer, then this is the perfect place for you to check out. There are historical sightseeing, Mayan ruins and active volcanoes to check out. What more you wanted to do. You will find a unique culture and nature. The flight’s price from NYC and Los Angeles are low during the offseason.

Abruzzo in Italy

This is only for those travelers who want to explore nature in different countries.  A perfect blend of nature, culture and people. Visit the national park to see wolves, ski resorts or pristine beaches. Another best thing about here is the food. You will find meal for $30. Comparing it to other cities, it is quite cheap. You can rent a lodge for low as $50-$60.


You may be wondering why we are not mentioning famous places. Well, there are no points since you already know about them. So, here is another small but beautiful country called “Laos” located in the Asia continent.  There are treks in Forest, The Blue Lagoon and the natural beauty this place has.  Kiang Si falls, PPHA that Luong and Pak Our Caves are some of the famous places you can visit. However, you may not seem to see the same tourists and guides here as same as the other famous places.  But there is support there if you ever need it. The best thing you can experience is the street food. The cheap flight’s tickets are readily available during the off-season.

Sri Lanka

Another Gem in the Asia continent, Sri Lanka is the destination where you want to go. There are many places where backpacking is easy to stay in.  There are rainforest and sandy beaches as well and many ancient sites as well to take you back in time. And Palatka Homestay, Temple of the sacred tooth relic, Yale national park, and Sri Padas/ Adam’s peak.

Sri Lanka

So, these are the some of the international destinations you can check out for cheap. We have to make sure they have Cheap Flights Booking tickets, cheap hotel and average food prices.  We are confident you will love these international destination. Wiki.